Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gelli Plates are fun and easy to use.  We experimented with some
gelli plates and acrylic paint, to see what results we could get. 
Here are some of our favorite prints:

Open the gel printing plate and remove the clear film.
Squeeze paint onto the gel printing plate.  Spread the paint into a thin layer with a brayer.
You can print at this point, or place a stencil over the paint if you want a different look.  We used stencils.  When you are ready to print, place the paper on the painted surface.  Gently rub the paper with your hands to transfer the paint. 
Carefully pull the paper up from the printing plate to see your print.

In the first print, paint was applied to the gel plate, and a stencil was placed over the paint before printing. 
In the second print, the colored background was created with paint and a brayer.  More color was added with a brayer, over a stencil, for the lines and circles.
For the third print, paints were spread onto the plate, and a few prints were made, removing some of the color.  Then a stencil was laid over the remaining paint on the plate, and more color was applied over it with a brayer, before printing.
We used Gelli Arts gel printing plates, Liquitex Basics and Golden acrylic paints (both heavy body and fluid acrylics), Strathmore Printmaking paper, and various stencils.  All of these supplies are available here at the Artist Attic at Scrappy Craft.
We had so much fun making our prints!  You can see some of our results on the wall in the Artist Attic classroom.  If you haven't tried this easy and versatile printmaking method yet, we encourage you to try it.  #scrappycraft

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